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  1. fugue definition: The definition of a fugue is a musical composition for a specific number of parts or voices, or is a temporary state of amnesia. (noun) An example of a fugue is a song written specifically for three voices. An example of a fugue.
  2. Jun 06,  · Directed by Barbara Stepansky. With Abigail Culwell, Richard Gunn, Erika Bruun-Andersen, Rosemarie Belden. After moving in with her boyfriend, a young woman comes to believe her new home is haunted. But when she discovers the last nine months have been wiped from her memory, she must unearth what caused the condition before the past catches up with her/10(87).
  3. fugue [fūg] a pathological state of altered consciousness in which an individual may act and wander around as though conscious but his behavior is not directed by his complete normal personality and is not remembered after the fugue ends. dissociative fugue (psychogenic fugue) a dissociative disorder characterized by an episode in which an individual.
  4. The Art of Fugue, monothematic cycle of approximately 20 fugues written in the key of D minor, perhaps for keyboard instrument, by Johann Sebastian Bach. The work reveals Bach’s preoccupation with counterpoint and the canon. Learn more about the composition and its history.
  5. A fugue is a piece of music written for a certain number of parts (voices).It is a type of counterpoint with a precisely defined structure. It is based on a tune called the "subject" of the fugue. The word “fugue“ comes from the Italian “fuga“ meaning “flight“.
  6. The word fugue comes from the Latin fuga (flight) and fugere (to flee). Variants include fughetta (a small fugue) and fugato (a work or section of a work resembling a fugue but not necessarily adhering to the rules of one). The adjectival form of fugue is fugal.. Characteristics and anatomy Number of voices. The number of voices in a fugue generally ranges from three to five, but eight or even.
  7. Sep 30,  · fugue (plural fugues) A contrapuntal piece of music wherein a particular melody is played in a number of voices, each voice introduced in turn by playing the melody. Anything in literature, poetry, film, painting, etc., that resembles a fugue in structure or in its elaborate complexity and formality. A fugue state. Derived terms. fuguist.
  8. Define fugue. fugue synonyms, fugue pronunciation, fugue translation, English dictionary definition of fugue. n. 1. Music A contrapuntal musical composition whose basic structure consists of a theme or themes stated successively in different voices. 2.

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